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'Organized' is a great new script from Scripts-R-Us, which can be used for all kinds of web sites - here are just a few ideas for types of sites you could use 'Organized' for:

  • shops
  • freebie sites
  • catalogs
  • collections (recipes, stamps, coins, cd's, baseball cards ... etc)
  • favorites/links lists
  • download sites
  • knowledge bases
  • news site




In fact, you can use 'Organized' for just about any kind of site that requires organisation - and that means just about anything. This script is designed specifically to get you and your information Organized. The layout and content of this sample site is just one example. In fact you can use GetOrganized for any layout you like!

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List of Features

  • Template Based
  • CSS for easy editing
  • PHP/MySQL Based
  • Extremely Flexible
  • Powerful and Fast
  • Easy to Use
  • Professional
  • It's Organized!


GetOrganized is a great script for including any kind of advertising content ... and in any format! For example a marquee fits really well into a side column and you could include any content here you like. Advertisers, news, tips - you name it!

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